12 Ways to Stay Cool and Have Fun at Home

//12 Ways to Stay Cool and Have Fun at Home

12 Ways to Stay Cool and Have Fun at Home

Summer has arrived in Houston and boy is it hot out there! Here are some ideas to keep the kids entertained at home while staying cool:

  • Freeze Plastic Animals -Let your children freeze their favorite plastic toys! Dinosaurs, people, and animals- anything will work for this fun and wet sensory experience. Use a Bundt cake pan for added fun! Fill the pan with water, place the plastic toys inside, and stick in the freezer. Once frozen, have your child pretend they are an archaeologist and “dig” using household items to release their toys from the block of ice. Want them to practice their fine motor skills? Add some old medicine droppers to the mix!
  • DIY Pool Noodle Sprinkler– Ever wonder what you can create with your unused pool noodles? Look no more! Poke holes in the noodle (the more the better), attach a “stopper” on one end and secure with duct tape, then slide your hose on the other end. Lay flat on the ground, or hang vertically for a different experience. Walla- instant water fun!
  • Colored Ice Sensory Play– Did you ever think playing with ice could be so fun?! Freeze ice with some added food coloring in ice trays. Once frozen place the ice in bins, tubs, trays, and high chairs anything will work! This allows you to stay cool and reinforce colors. Younger children- color names, older children- color mixing.
  • Kiddie Toy Wash– Have you ever noticed that children love to wash things? Setup their very own Kiddie Toy Wash outside! All you need is buckets of soap, sponges, water, bins, and toys! They are sure to have a fun time with this wet and soapy activity, as well as clean their toys. Work and play!
  • Homemade Popsicles– What child doesn’t love popsicles! Check out the links below for some super yummy and healthy recipes. Your kiddos can even help you make them!




  • DIY Splash Pad-All you need for this awesome summer activity is a tarp and a sprinkler! Lay tarp on the grass, place a sprinkler in the middle, and then add your child’s favorite toys and/or balls. This is great for infant/toddler exploration!

  • Spray Bottle Race- Use a spray filled with water to move toy cars. If you have more than one child they could race.
  • Painting with Ice- All you need is a few ingredients for colorful wet art exploration. Add a few drops of food coloring in your ice tray, then add your water, cover your tray with plastic wrap, then insert a tooth pick in the plastic wrap. Once frozen, these ice cubes act as paint brushes!
  • Water Drums- Let’s make music! First raid your kitchen for metal bowls/pans of all sizes, then flip them upside down on the ground outside. Use your hose to let the water drop onto the bottom of the bowls. Your children are sure to be amazed with the different sounds these homemade drums make!
  • Water “Painting”- This classic activity is sure to be a hit! All you need is a bucket, water, and a paint brush. Let your children water “paint” the fence, outdoor play structure, garage door, mailbox- anything that suits them. Simple, yet sure to be a great way to beat the summer heat!
  • Bubble Pool- Fill your kiddie pool with bubbles and watch your kiddo play in amazement! Who knew bubbles outside the bath tub could be so fun 🙂
  • Make Ice Boats- Freeze ice in a cup with a straw (secure with foil). Have your child decorate their sail. Tape sail to the straw once the ice boat is frozen. Little boat, lots of fun! You could even race them.

About the Author:

Nicole Smith is a 3 Day Pre-K lead teacher, Pre-K/K Science Teacher, and is on the St. Luke's Day School Leadership Team.