About St. Luke’s Day School

We are a Christ-centered early childhood program where teachers and parents teach and strengthen each child’s emotional, social, physical, intellectual, and spiritual skills while we are all playing and learning together.

At St. Luke’s we are committed to the development and enhancement of the whole child. In support of this we view the family as the main source of security and identity for the young child. It is our ultimate goal, therefore, to achieve a fellowship of Christian love and understanding among parent, child, and school. St. Luke’s welcomes children of all faiths and cultural backgrounds.

Curriculum and Practice

  • Busy, noisy, happy, creative classrooms where play is valued as a primary vehicle for learning and advancement in all areas of development.
  • Comfortable children, relaxed and involved in a variety of activities.
  • Encouragement of the spiritual development of love for God and love for one another.
  • Daily schedules that provide a balance of individual/group activities, active/quiet play, large/small muscle exercises, and indoor/outdoor learning experiences.
  • Self-initiated and staff-initiated “hands on” learning experiences that allow children to learn by doing.
  • Age-appropriate classroom learning centers; i.e., art, science/discovery, blocks, dramatic play, table games, math, writing, book corner, sensory table, etc. that give children opportunities to enhance skills, make choices, solve problems, and experiment with autonomy while interacting with teachers and peers.
  • “Circle Times” or “Together Times” planned each day for participation in group activities such as listening to stories, singing songs, or sharing ideas while developing concepts.
  • Care given to maintain good health, sound nutrition, and cleanliness practices.
  • Music classes weekly for all age groups, and motor classes weekly for Twos through Kindergarten.
  • Motor (children’s physical education) classes for Twos through Kindergarten.
  • Weekly Chapel Time for Twos through Kindergarten.
  • Early Literacy Specialist, visits for Threes.
  • Early Literacy Lab for PreK, and Kindergarten.
  • STEAM Science Lab for PreK and Kindergarten.