Our Classrooms and Our Library

Our Vision and Inspiration

In June 2012, as a culmination of years of research, three of our SLDS administrators attended a World Forum Conference in Oakland, California called On Design for Children. There we met with early educators, architects, college professors, curriculum developers, and others who shared results of studying and creating outstanding learning environments for young children.  Our research included visiting many campuses with a variety of settings and interactions.  In 2013, we established three prototype classrooms to initiate changes at SLDS. The outcome was positive and powerful!

What to Notice About Our Classrooms

Three values drive our classroom design plan:

  • Focus on Child-centeredness
  • Use of Natural Elements
  • Reduction of Visual Clutter

On-going Developments

Today, while committed to our approach, we are also inspired by Reggio Emilia classroom design and function. We embrace the Reggio tenet of “the classroom as the third teacher.”  When the early learning setting is inviting and intentionally designed, opportunities for playing and learning are automatically enhanced!

Resources for Further Information

Designs for Living and Learning, Transforming Early Childhood Classrooms, Carter and Curtis, 2003, Updated Edition, 2014

Inspiring Spaces for Young Children, DeViney,‎ Duncan,‎ Harris,‎ Rody,‎ Rosenberry, 2010

Getting It Right From the Start: The Principal’s Guide to Early Education, Kosteinik, 2009


Children’s Library