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Spring Picnic

Spring Picnic is the school’s annual celebration and fundraiser for the whole family. On Blanton Field, families participate together in fun activities, enjoy good food and music, and experience fellowship with other St. Luke’s families. Many volunteers are needed to make the event happen. Please see the volunteer form for more information on available positions.


St. Luke’s Day School is thrilled to have a new library this school year, which will help our students fall further in love with books. Library volunteers reshelve, books, incorporate new books into the system and help with miscellaneous jobs in the library. Please mark on the enclosed form if you are interested in assisting with the library.

Office Volunteers

Help out the people who always help you! Volunteers are needed on Wednesday from 12:15-2:30 to answer the phone during the weekly office staff meeting, in addition to other days, as needed. The administrative office needs help in general office work such as phone duty, reception and copying. Come and learn about the workings of the Day School office while giving the office staff a helping hand!


Say “Cheese!” Volunteers are needed to escort children to and from on-site photography sessions, check for clean faces and help make the children smile and feel comfortable. Assistance is also needed with order processing.

Teacher Appreciation

On behalf of all of the parents, volunteers with the Teacher Appreciation Committee let the teachers know how special they are. Each month, volunteers provide the food or funds for food and assist with the preparation and serving of lunches.

Book Bags

Books Bags are themed bags containing two or three books and several related objects, gmaes or activities. Pre-K students have the opportunity to check out these bags and bring them home to enjoy! The Book Bag Committee is responsible for helping Pre-K children check book bags out and in, maintaining and updating current book bags as needed.

Transportation Day & Here Trips

Transportation Day is March 6! The Committee is responsible for coordinating vehicle presenters for the much loved event featured transportation of all types. Here Trips are special presentations in lieu of Field Trips that Students enjoy several times a year. Volunteers are needed to help with communication, logistics and scheduling.