Summer is here and it is hot out there! This time of the year it’s more important than ever to drink water to stay hydrated. Sometimes it’s hard to get your child to drink water. Here are some ideas to help:


  1. Have water available all the time! Keeping a full bottle of water with you at all times increases the chances you have to offer your child something to drink instead of grabbing a juice box. Make sure you stop during your outings or even hanging around home to take a H2O break!


  1. Add fruit to the water to add flavor and make it more fun to drink! Adding strawberry slices (cleaned and cut) or a raspberry might encourage your child to drink up their water. The fruit will add a sweet flavor to the water.


  1. Have a fun cup or bottle! Let your children select their own special water cups or bottles and then they will be reaching for water over and over again.


  1. Lead by example! The more your child sees you drinking water, the more they are going to develop healthier water drinking habits. Healthy parent, healthy child!


  1. Make it a family game! Fill a self-serve dispenser with water and fruit slices. Challenge the family to finish it by the end of the day!