Our Spirit and Philosophy

Our Spirit

  • We are a Christ-centered school where our foundation is honored, nurtured, and celebrated.
  • We maintain a balance of consideration and support for children, parents, teachers, administrators, and church family.
  • Our School is a place that encourages, upholds, and strives for professional excellence.
  • We have an ambiance of happiness, love, and warmth that radiates throughout our campus.
  • We specialize in appropriate, child-centered early childhood education that prepares each child for the next step.


St. Luke’s Day School is committed to join each family in supporting the development and enhancement of the whole child. We focus on enriching, appropriate activities so that each child may attain emotional, social, physical, intellectual, and spiritual strengths through playing and learning together. In support of this, we view the family as the main source of security and identity for the young child. It is our ultimate goal, therefore, to achieve a fellowship of Christian love and understanding between parent, child, and school. As an important program goal, we create an early childhood education environment that fosters trust, collaboration, and inclusion.

We uphold Developmentally Appropriate Practice as defined by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Our activities are chosen based on the three core DAP considerations:

  • Knowing about child development and learning;
  • Knowing what is individually appropriate; and
  • Knowing what is culturally important.