It’s back to school and that means back to packing school lunches. Whether this is your first time, or three hundredth time, planning and packing lunches can seem daunting. Here are some simple tips to help make that it easier:

  • Go for variety! Instead of sending a large amount of one item (whole sandwich) try sending a sampling of a different food choices. This allows for your child to satisfy their different cravings.
  • Ask your teacher what’s popular! Lunchtime at school is a very a social occasion. Children have an opportunity to see their friends eating food that may not have been introduced to before. Your child’s teacher will have a wealth of information on what food items they seem interested in eating. This also helps with foods you are sending that are not being eaten.
  • If your child is old enough, have them help you with preparing their lunch. Involving them in the choices can make lunch even more exciting. If you don’t have time in the morning, use the weekend to prepare. Have them pick out what food they would like and on what day. Ownership builds character and those self-help skills.
  • Send your child’s lunch in something that can be easily opened. There is nothing more frustrating for a child to have to wait to begin eating when they are hungry. When packing their lunch be sure to make sure that it is packed in a way that they can open it themselves (if age appropriate). Bento Boxes are easy to open and save on plastic bags.

These are just a few tips. The following websites have a wealth of suggestions. Please be sure to always follow our family handbook and class allergy guide on restricted foods and chocking hazards.

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